What are people saying about the Cold and Sharky surf leash? Whenever we need stoke we just talk to a couple of our customers!

"I got to use the leash today in some pretty heavy stuff. It's so lightweight it feels like you're not wearing anything at all! It doesn't bind, curl up, or get in the way. I'm very impressed and looking forward to future uses!" - Ian R. Deleware - 6' 

"Honestly, had I been paying attention or shopping in person, I would not have bought this leash due to the lack of swivels. It showed up and I decided to give it a try anyway despite my initial disappointment. The first paddle out changed my mind. The leash felt lighter and had less drag than anything I'd ever experienced before.  The leash never caught up on me and stayed off my leg just as it should. I plan on swapping out all the leashes in my quiver with your leashes so I never have to think about it again. " Ryan M. Washington 7' 

"I wanted to give you some feedback on your leash.  I used it for the first time today.  The conditions were very clean surf in the 8-10 foot range with a few double overhead sneakers and light offshore winds.  I was a bit skeptical at first never having used a leash that doesn’t stretch.  It held up well and the only thing that took some getting used to was the sliding sheath covering the cord.  After a few retrieves I concluded it didn’t hinder the performance at all.  The leash allowed for a much quicker retrieve than the stretchier older leashes which is a big plus.  All in all I like it and would recommend it.  A good product." - Rick T. Oregon 9'

"I've been using your leashes on two boards in my quiver for over a year now as an early beta tester. The no swivel system seems crazy when you're so used to the old way, but it really works. I've never had a single issue with either leash and at this point I have high expectations for years to come! I'll never worry about my leashes again!" Tim K. Oregon 6', 7'

"The first thing I noticed is that it looks pretty damn cool and is an interesting design.  I could immediately see how it should be very long lasting and was excited to get it out in the water. I wasn't disappointed! It worked really well outside having one or two tangles which I also frequently have with a "normal" leash. It's crazy how noticeably light it is. Great job!" Dan D. Oregon 6'

"I'm stoked on the leash man! Definitely a different style than anything I've ever seen and honestly I was a little confused at first. I cut my old leash string off and got it all attached and took it out. I'm stoked! The leash felt super light, so light sometimes I'd worry that it wasn't on me! It was always there. Awesome!" Rich P. Oregon 6'

"Happy new year! Just got the leash and man is it ever cool! Really impressed with the design. It looks super rad and feels very lightweight.  Getting it out in the water was just as cool as opening up the package! I'm excited to keep testing this thing out!" Dave R. 7' California