The hardest part of selecting a Cold and Sharky leash is deciding on the length, which isn't hard at all. We measure length from ankle cuff to leash plug and our materials do not stretch. If you’ve never bought a leash before, in general folks say your leash should be as long as your board if not a little more, so round up from your board length if you’re not sure. Cold and Sharky leashes come in 5’, 6’, 7’, 8’, and 9'  as well as half foot lengths standard.

Here's what else is standard: 

  • Guaranteed for life. Seriously.

  • A repeatable and predictable stretch reduces sharp jerks on your leg, without adding recoil. Expect around 1” (one inch) of stretch for every foot of leash. E.g. A 9’ leash has about 9” of available stretch.

  • No swivels. Our free floating PET sleeve design removes the need.

  • Competition style thickness at 3/16” / 4.7mm.

  • 6" long rail saver is adjustable. Slide it up against the leash plug on the board's deck for minimal drag and maximum protection.

  • Designed in Oregon and made by hand in the USA